The NYPD: "Broken Windows" Policing Pioneers

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The NYPD: "Broken Windows" Policing Pioneers


Documents regarding the New York City Police Department's implementation and endorsement of Broken Windows Policing


A collection of documents focusing on the NYPD and its adoption and enforcement of broken windows theory

Items in the The NYPD: "Broken Windows" Policing Pioneers Collection

Broken Windows and Quality of Life Policing
A report published by the New York Police Department and authored by the Police Commissioner, William J. Bratton in 2015

An Analysis of Quality-of-Life Summonses, Quality-of-Life Misdemeanor Arrests, and Felony Crime in New York City, 2010-2015
The New York City Department of Investigation's Office of the Inspector General for the NYPD Report and Analyses on the NYPD's Quality of Life Enforcement

Restoring a Safe New York
A report by the Citizen's Crime Commission of New York City

Eric Garner
Snapshot from Eric Garner footage